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Off Leash Adventure Play Groups for Your Dog on 6.5 Fenced Acres!

  Is your dog alone and bored while you are at work all day?

 Does she engage in undesirable behaviors to alleviate her boredom?

 Does he greet you with frantic energy at the end of your long day when you are trying to prepare dinner, help the kids with homework, or simply unwind?

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We are still providing hikes but have modified our intake process for new dogs due to COVID-19.  In addition - we are currently offering a new service to local dog owners who wish to get their dogs out but don't have access to open, public spaces or dog parks due to local restrictions and closures.  Rent a private hour for $10 for you and your dog/dogs to come hike our fenced acreage.  If you'd like information on our hiking service or would like to book private time to hike your dog please contact us: 


Dana Dopazo-Meyers has been walking our dog Sasha for some time.  Sasha is a 60+ pound dog who is 15 years old.  (According to our veterinarian, that makes him 92 in people years.) Dana takes wonderful care of Sasha on their trail hikes.  She has helped him through his transition from a wildly... more
Sue W.
El Cerrito, CA
My puppy loves Dana! She sits near the door and waits for her.  Dana sends me great photos of her running and playing and my dog comes home so tired she does not have enough energy to cause puppy trouble.  Dana is the cure for dog guilt on those days that you can't make it to the trail.
Christine O.
El Cerrito, CA
Dana is an amazing dog walker, completely responsible, reliable and enthusiastic.  And the name Love of the Pup is perfect for her, as she is a devoted dog lover. Anyone would be lucky to send their dog out with her on the trail. Woof woof (that's my pup agreeing wholeheartedly).
Jane S.
Berkeley, CA

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