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Off Leash Adventure Play Groups for Your Dog on 6.5 Fenced Acres!

  Is your dog alone and bored while you are at work all day?

 Does she engage in undesirable behaviors to alleviate her boredom?

 Does he greet you with frantic energy at the end of your long day when you are trying to prepare dinner, help the kids with homework, or simply unwind?

Let Us Help!


We are still providing hikes but have modified our intake process for new dogs due to COVID-19.  In addition - we are also offering private rental of our fenced acreage to hike with your dog.  $10 per hour.  If you'd like information on our hiking service or would like to book private time to hike your dog please contact us: 


We feel so lucky to have found Dana! Dana immediately developed a strong bond with our dog Maizie. Maizie gets soooooo excited when Dana arrives to pick her for walks, and always returns tired and happy. And of course, we're happy too, knowing that Maizie is out having the time of her life under... more
Tonia L.
Berkeley, CA
Dana takes two of my three dogs out once a week - the two bigger ones. They love it, and they love her; and while she has them, I get to take the little dog out for some "special time." People and dogs are happy, and all is well.
Eve M.
El Cerrito, CA
Dana is amazing! She is so good with my very active lab Hank; who always returns home tired.  She is super reliable and has never missed a hike--rain or shine.  Plus she's super adept at extracting Hank out of the pack that lives in our house. The best thing about Dana is that she really cares... more
Kathleen K.
Berkeley, CA

Happy Dog Tips

How to Train A Dog to Stay
After I learned about positive reinforcement training, I came to understand that teaching a stay behavior doesn’t need to have anything to do with power and control, and instead is a matter of reinforcement and trust.