About Us

Join our pack for off leash adventures on our spacious property!  We'll pick your dog up at home, bring them to our 6.5 acre property, hike and socialize them off leash for an hour, load them up and drop them back home tired out and fulfilled.  Your dog will be out of the house for a total of two to three hours.  To get started please fill out our online canine behavior and history questionnaire form located here.

We are a dog professional duo that arrived to the Asheville area in December 2018 from the SF Bay Area, California.  We are looking to meet all the local dogs in need or want of an off leash, social experience on approximately 6.5 acres of fenced, partially forested, private land.  Canine off leash, social activity is what we do!  For the last five years in California we carried permits to take dogs in groups of six, off leash on public hiking trails for physical activity and socialization.  Recall and trail etiquette were continuously reinforced in the face of horse riders, other groups of dogs, pedestrians and sometimes even cattle!  Here in WNC we have our own large parcel of fenced hiking trails for the dogs to run, play, hike and explore.  For pictures and video of off leash adventure groups in action please check out our dog blog page here.

We are currently fully operational and looking for dog friendly dogs to build an activity pack with!  Send us an email to enquire about services.  For rates and services click here.    We are happy to provide references should you want them!

If you are interested in signing your dog up for hikes please fill out and submit our online canine form here.

Check out our bio's below to learn more about who we are!

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Training Partner with the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP).  My understanding of canine behavior and learning is rooted in the science of animal behavior.  I strive to continually learn and apply science supported, rewards based, operant and classical conditioning methods to dog training, pet sitting, socializing and group hiking.

I LOVE dogs and pups of all kinds and believe that mutual respect is the basis of true learning, understanding and communication between humans and canines.

Love of the Pup started out of inspiration for Mango, a blue-nosed Pitbull mix.  Click here to read more about Mango's story.

I am an RVT (Registered, licensed vet tech) with a degree in Veterinary Technology as well as a B.A. in Psychology from NC State University. My experience caring for animals encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from shelter medicine to administering chemotherapy and everything in between! I also spent six years teaching in a veterinary technology program. My veterinary nursing background ensures that I can be uniquely in tune with your pet’s needs whether they are entering their golden years or recovering from an injury or surgery.

Formal Training Includes

Karen Pryor Academy

Dog Trainer Professional Program

A prestigious, advanced, positive reinforcement clicker training program for dog training professionals. I graduated with distinction earning the KPA-CTP credential (Certified Training Partner).

Dog Sports Essentials

(With a Focus on Agility and Scentwork)

Completed a three month trainer course on training for canine sports.

Pat Miller's

Canine Behavior and Learning Intern Academy

Beginner clicker training course. Worked with dogs from Frederick County Animal Care and Control Shelter in Maryland to enhance adoptability.

Dog Tec

Dog Walking Academy

Coursework in the basics of canine behavior, learning and body language and how it pertains specifically to hiking/socializing groups of dogs.

Living & Learning with Animals

With Dr. Susan Friedman

Coursework focusing on behavioral theory, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and humane behavior modification protocols.


Aggressive Dog Mentorship

Deep dive into common causes for aggressive behavior, behavior modification and defensive handling for aggressive dogs.